Capacity building, training and teaching

Our background in academic teaching at the university as well as our experiences in international projects tells us that useful and straightforward capacity building needs to be flexible and well adapted to the actual user needs and conditions. Therefore we usually develop tailor made curricula that include relevant case studies or even local data.

Our experience from many international projects worldwide helps us to identify individual challenges and restrictions and to develop appropriate solutions together with our customers. As scientists working at the university we are also used to develop innovative methodological approaches and out-of-the-box answers to individual problems.

In context of our training courses we use open source software as we believe that this is a more sustainable way of capacity building.

Our services include:


  • Individual designed training courses in the field of forest inventory, forest mensuration, remote sensing and geographic information systems
  • On the job training including field trainings for forest inventory and lab courses for remote sensing and GIS

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